The Big Nasty

By Rocky Lang


Lacey Cartright knew she would one day be famous. U.S. Congressman Cale Wingate, an ex-action movie star, felt that his best days – and his love life – were behind him. When their lives collide, ambitions and desires run amuck, culminating in a suspicious death – The Big Nasty as their whirlwind romance moves from Palm Springs to Washington D.C. and Las Vagas. Casino owner, Johnny Falducci, Native American Tonto Whitefish, and a yellowing howling Coma Guy join the kaleidoscope of characters in this unforgettable tale.


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“Mixing equal parts of Elmore Leonard, Desperate Housewives, Carl Hiaasen and Legally Blonde, Rocky Lang has concocted a wholly original and hilarious cocktail of sex and politics that goes down smoothly and leaves you gasping with pleasure. Hollywood and Washington have never been worshiped so fervently or dissected so viciously. If there’s any justice in the world, this will soon be a major motion picture.”
–David Frankel, director of The Devil Wears Prada and Marley & Me.

“The Big Nasty is a delicious roller coaster ride of a read. It’s as irresistibly sexy and intoxicating as its ambition leading lady, Lacey Cartright. Rocky Lang takes us on a sardonic journey into the lure of fame and power in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. I loved it!”
–Brenda Stong – Desperate Housewives

Every now and then along comes a novel that once you pick it up, you simply can’t set it back down until you’ve finished it. The kind of novel that so thoroughly engages your attention and imagination that time passes without notice, and interruptions like being called to dinner are seen as pure annoyance! That’s the category of quality writing that Rocky Lang demonstrates in all 327 – pages of “The Big Nasty”, the story of a passionate romance between Lacey Cartright and Congressman Cale Wingate. Unfortunately the lovers find themselves embroiled in a possible murder. In a tale that ranges from Palm Springs, to Las Vegas, to Washington, D.C., “The Big Nasty” is pure, fast-paced entertainment from first page to last, making enthusiastically recommended for personal reading lists and community library contemporary fiction collections.
–The Midwest Book Review