If You Thought Your Divorce Was Bad…Wait Until You Read This Book!

By Rocky Lang


WARNING!! DIVORCES GONE NUTSO!  From the bedroom to the courtroom, this book will definitely make you laugh and shake your head at how crazy people are. Filled with funny  stories, odd facts, strange anecdotes and tales of revenge… people are just damn weird!  A few years back, I wrote a humor book called, Confessions of Emergency Room Doctors, and had a blast writing it.  So, I thought I would try it again set to the background of divorce which I am well versed in having made two fatal errors myself.

So, over the years I had heard stories of nut cases, both men and women who did the most ridiculous things as they were divorcing. This was a fun book to write and it’s a quick read, and  a stocking stuffer. It’s  sort of, kind of a book that will make you laugh when you want to tear your hair out. Anyway, it’s lunacy!


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