Lara Takes Charge

By Rocky Lang


Lara is a young girl with diabetes who runs, plays, and does everything her friends do. This uplifting book teaches kids to meet their challenges with hope and a smile. Illustrated. Ages 3 to 8.




“My Son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 3. Most of the books I purchased to read with him felt very sad. The children in the books were not able to eat regular food and their lives seemed restricted. And then I read Lara Takes Charge. I was thrilled to find a book that is positive that focuses on the fact that the child is normal and can do everything that all other children do- that is how I want my child to live his life. This is an uplifting happy book and my son and I love it.”

“I got this book for my son who just started kindergarten. This book has delightful illustrations, addresses the work and frustration that goes into having diabetes, but is also very empowering. The language is simple but honest. It is the first time we have gotten him a book that addresses diabetes, so I watched his face carefully as I was reading it to him for the first time, and he just grinned every time he recognized something of himself in the main character, Lara. I am so glad we have this book and highly recommend it.”

“This is a great book. It is a powerful and optimistic message for kids and especially useful for younger children.”