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Inside the World of Classic American Moviemaking: Rocky Lang on Our Lives with Shannon Fisher

Collaborators Rocky Lang and Barbara Hall—and contributor Eva Marie Saint—preview their new book, featuring missives about everything from James Bond (“New York did not care for [Sean] Connery”) to Marlene Dietrich and Ernest Hemingway’s unconsummated love.

My Mother Said Your Father Was Shot in the Balls

His words ricocheted across the playground blacktop with deafening clarity. My sixth grade best friend, Andy Stewart, was racing towards me yelling at the top of his lungs: “HEY, LANG… MY MOTHER SAID YOUR FATHER WAS SHOT IN THE BALLS!” He yelled again. “HEY, LANG! MY MOTHER SAID YOUR FATHER WAS SHOT IN THE BALLS!”

Is the Underhand Serve Underhanded?

On an early fall day in the quiet residential community of Tarzana, California at the Braemar Country Club I was warming up on court 7, while a foursome was playing doubles on an adjacent court.

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